How to Wear Matte Lipsticks

  1. Make sure your lips are exfoliated. You can use a lip scrub or a clean toothbrush with some vaseline to do this. Uneven texture is more apparent with matte lipsticks.
  2. Moisturize beforehand. This will prevent the matte lipstick from looking dry and cracked on your lips. This can be done with a lip balm or oil.
  3. Apply a lip primer to prevent the product from bleeding. This will also make the product last longer.
  4. Use a lip liner to make lips more defined. Applying concealer around the edges of the lips can also make your lips look more clean and defined.

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Drinking plenty of cold water can help to speed up metabolism. Cold water can cause an increase in metabolic rate because your body burns energy to maintain a certain temperature equilibrium. Dehydration also slows the metabolism. In addition, water makes you fuller so you may end up eating less.

The caffeine in green tea and coffee can help to increase your metabolism by stimulating the nervous system, but just make sure not to have too much caffeine as this can affect adrenal glands which affects hormone function.

Eat spicy foods. The capsaicin in spices such as cayenne will increase your metabolism because of its thermogenic effect.

Get plenty of sleep. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation slows the metabolism and increases the production of ghrelin, which will make you more hungry.

Eat higher amounts of protein. Protein is harder for your body to break down than fats and carbs, which means it will make you burn more calories and can make you feel fuller. It also prevents muscle loss, which can decrease the metabolic rate.

Make sure to eat enough so that your metabolism doesn’t decline. When you don’t eat enough your body responds by suppressing your metabolism. Cheat meals can also help to prevent metabolic slowdown, this should not be done frequently though; maybe about once a week.

Many nutritionists also recommend eating a small breakfast in the morning so that your metabolism doesn’t decline during the day. It is also recommended to eat small meals throughout the day, rather than three big meals, to keep the metabolism going.

High-intensity interval training will stimulate your metabolism, even after you are finished exercising. This is a form of exercise that alternates between intense exercise and less intense exercise.

Muscle burns more calories than fat, so strength training can help increase metabolism. Anabolic hormones stimulated during strength training also helps your body to burn more fat, and calories are consumed by the process of breaking down and rebuilding muscle fibers while you are building muscle.

Do not sit or lie down for a long periods of times because it slows the metabolism.

Some research suggest that pesticides can contribute to weight gain by slowing the metabolism; so you might want to consider buying organic food.

Take a multivitamin everyday, and eat a healthy diet. Vitamin deficiencies can decrease the metabolic rate.



Stress Reduction Techniques

As we all know, stress isn’t good for us. Not only does it make you miserable, but it also accelerates aging. It can make your immune system weaker, making you more susceptible to sickness. It can contribute to depression, higher blood pressure, and muscle pain. It can exacerbate skin conditions such as acne. So it is important to manage stress. Below are some stress reduction techniques:

  1. Make sure to get enough sleep, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and eat a healthy diet. Manage caffeine intake.
  2. Exercising regularly can help you sleep better as well as reduce the hormones that cause stress.
  3. Incoporating adaptogens into your diet can help protect your body against stress. You should always be careful when taking supplements, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medications. Some adaptogens that help to to relieve stress are: holy basil, ginseng, ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, Indian gooseberry, licorice root, among others. Green tea can also help with stress management by affecting serotonin levels.
  4. Spend more time socializing with friends. Spending too much time alone is associated with stress and depression.
  5. Find purpose in your life.
  6. Laughing helps to relieve stress.
  7. Manage time and don’t overwork yourself or take on too many burdens. Life is meant to be enjoyable. Writing a list down for what you want to get done for the day can help you to be more organized, making life less hectic.
  8. Manage depression and anxiety. You can try to take deep breaths and watch your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negatively, try to change your thoughts to more positive ones. Don’t try to be a perfectionist. Medication can also help.


How to Fix Dry and Brittle Hair

If you suffer from dry and brittle hair, it is best to avoid hair products with alcohol, silicone, and sulfate as this can make your hair even drier and damage it further. Look instead for hair products with hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, , shea butter, and argan oil.

Avoid overwashing your hair because this will strip your hair of its natural oils. When you do wash your hair, concentrate the shampoo in your scalp area and make sure to use conditioner near the ends of your hair since this tends to be the area that needs conditioner the most.

When using hair styling tools, it is best to use a heat protecting spray that will protect your hair from damage. You can also try using hair styling tools on medium to low heat. Trim your hair every few months to get rid of split ends that only get worse with time. Finally, using a good hair mask regularly will add moisture and help repair your hair.

Applying Blush

When wearing blush it is best to choose one that flatters your particular skin tone. For example, light pink or peach may be flattering for people with fair to medium skin tones, while deeper and bolder shades may be better for people with darker skin tones, such as a deep red color. Cream blushes may be better for dry skin, while powdered blushes may be better for oilier skin. Shimmery blushes may not be best for people with texturized skin because it can make skin look more texturized.

Placing blush too low on the face may make your face look older and less sculpted, and different ways of applying blush may be more appealing on different face shapes. For example, a person with a square face may want to put their blush directly on the apples of the cheeks to make it look less angular, and a round face may want to apply from the cheekbones and upwards to give a slimming effect. It is important to apply the right amount of product; you want to give your face a vibrant and awake look. Of course you can apply makeup however you want to, but these are just some tips and tricks.

How I Currently Remove my Makeup

Normally, whenever I want to remove my makeup I use an oil or oil based product because I found that a lot of makeup wipes burned my skin. So what I do right now is use coconut oil and try to get a much makeup off as I can multiple times. I use coconut oil because I felt that it gently removed makeup, and I don’t want to damage my skin. I make sure to remove any mascara and eye makeup as well with the coconut oil. I then use a face wash and my Clarisonic to clean my face. After that, I use a toner with a cotton pad to remove any residue left over. If you have trouble removing mascara, you can try jojoba oil; I have used this before and it removes mascara really well. There are also eye makeup removers on the market. It is important to make sure that you remove all makeup because it can clog your pores, breed bacteria, and even not removing mascara and damage your natural lashes.

How to Choose and Use a Setting Powder

Setting powders can be loose or pressed. A loose powder has finer particles and tends to be less cakey, while a pressed powder can be used throughout the day for quick touch ups.  Pressed powder may be also good for those who use minimal makeup. Use a translucent setting powder if you just want to minimize oil and not change the color tone of your skin. If you want to correct your skin tone and brighten your face, go for a colored setting powder. Make sure before applying setting powder, that your foundation and concealer are blended out well, and it is best to apply the setting powder when the foundation and concealer aren’t completely dried down. To bake, let the powder sit for several minutes. If you want a more full coverage look, apply loose setting powder with a beauty sponge. A powder puff is better for people with more oily skin, and simply applying the powder with a brush can give a more glowy look. Setting powders that contain talc are better for oily skin, and powders with hyaluronic acid are better for people with dry skin. Powders with silica are good for people with normal to dry skin.