Cover FX Glitter Drops Review


I personally must say I am ambivalent about this product. There are currently three shades to the glitter drops collection, and I received a sample in the color “Mirage,” which the describe as a “gold champagne.” The first thing I noticed was that it was difficult to blend out evenly. I have tried multiple ways of blending this out, including dabbing it with my finger, using a brush, and using a beauty blender. It was very hard for me to get the product to blend out evenly. The second thing I noticed was that it amplified the texture on my nose. The third thing is that it was hard to blend into the surrounding foundation so it just really stood out on the face. However, if you get the product to work for you, I would have to say it is really pretty. I would recommend putting the highlighter on first and then your blush and bronzer after because it will cover up your brush and bronzer completely. I would also probably not use this with a matte foundation because it will stand out so much. I think this would look really nice with a dewy, full coverage look. Finally, I don’t think it would be the best for older women or for someone to wear to work just because this makeup is so dramatic. So overall, I don’t think I would buy this product, especially since I had such a hard time blending it out.

Uneven Texture

Lancome Glow Subtil Silky Creme

This highlighter is the best highlighter for a natural look. It will make your skin dewy and glistening but will look as if it is a part of your natural skin, unlike many other highlighters on the market. It lasts long and does not appear chunky or streaky. I personally dab it on with my finger and apply it that way, but there might be other ways of applying it. I would be careful about using a brush, since the product is sort of a mixture of between cream and powder. It will not give you an extreme glow like other highlighters, but just enough that it would be great again, for working professional environments or a no-makeup look. I would highly recommend for those that are interested. There are five shades you can pick on the Sephora website, and the price is $30.


Artist Couture Highlighters

Besides the Laura Geller and the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, the Artist Couture Diamond Glow highlighters are some of my preferred highlighters. These highlighters are blinding, especially used with a setting spray on your brush. I got all of the highlighters in a bundle with a fan brush. However, on the site, it looks like now you can only buy them individually. My favorite personally is Coco Bling. I have a lot of highlighters that I would probably never get again, but I will repurchase some of the Diamond Glow highlighters when I run out of product. You can take a look at these highlighters at: if you are interested .

Laura Geller Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Review

I never thought that my favorite highlighter would come from a brand that I used to believe to be for older women, but Laura Geller’s Diamond Dust is pretty much my daily go to highlighter these days. It is a white iridescent highlighter with pink and violet undertones, and my camera can’t even pick up how beautiful this highlighter is. It applies smooth like cream and is extremely vibrant, and is even better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, in my opinion. For me, this is the best highlighter to make my nose look slim. I just put a very thin line on down my nose of this highlighter and it makes a very big difference. In addition, because the highlighter is so vibrant, it really enhance my cheekbones making my face appear slimmer. The price is $26.00. I would most likely recommend the powdered highlighter over the stick highlighter, as I have tried a stick highlighter from Laura Geller before and personally did not like it. Also this is not a subtle highlighter, so it probably would not be the best for a natural makeup look.

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