Beauty Benefits of Exercise

Exercise can help to regulate the stress hormone, cortisol, which means that exercise may help with acne since cortisol affects breakouts. Cortisol also accelerates aging, which is why it is important to manage stress in general. Cortisol is also associated with weight gain.

Exercising can help with hair growth because it increase blood flow to your scalp, helping to provide nutrients necessary to aid in the development of healthy hair.

Exercise helps to boost circulation, which helps to boost oxygen and nutrients to the skin, giving you a healthier looking glow.

Sweating also helps to clear out pores.

It is important to wear sunscreen if exercising outdoors, or you can just minimize sun exposure all together by exercising in doors.


The Most Convenient At-Home Exercise

It’s really cold where I live right now, and sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym. So instead I use two different kettlebells that I bought several years ago. The kettlebell exercise is the most convenient because you can do cardio and strength training exercise at the same time. A kettlebell would be most beneficial in my opinion for the people that have a busy schedule. You can find many kettlebell routines on YouTube that you can follow along. Some women might be afraid of heavy weights because they think it will bulk them up, but I have done a large amount of strength training and exercise in the past and never had this problem. When using kettlebells it is better to start off with a lower weight, then go to a higher one as you progress to prevent harming your muscles.


How to Tighten Loose Skin

As we get older our collagen and elastin start to break down, leading to skin that is loose. Dramatic weight loss can also contribute to sagging skin. Collagen supplements may help you get firmer skin, as well as bone broth, which has collagen in it. These items usually can be found in health food stores. Protein, vitamin C, and staying adequately hydrated also help the body to produce more collagen naturally. Building muscle also helps reduce the appearance of loose skin. Smoking and excessive sun exposure both affect the skin’s elasticity, so it is best to avoid these.