Products that I am Looking Forward to in March

I don’t know if I will purchase all of these products, but I have definitely had my eye on them since I am a makeup lover. Two new releases have come out from Anastasia Beverly Hills that I am excited about which are the following:

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette comes in 14 shades, that are “ultra-matte, duo chrome, and metallic finishes.” This palette looks friendly for all ages, and so far there seems to have only good reviews.


The next product that I am really interested in is also by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and it is the Amrezy highlighter. The packaging to this product is absolutely beautiful, and is allegedly a “universal shade” highlighter. I have seen a lot of people try this highlighter on YouTube and again so far I have seen only really positive reviews.


Then there is the Kylie Cosmetic’s Weather Collection. There is a lot in this collection, but some of the products seem pretty generic, and also some of it just is personally not the type of makeup I like (for example, there appears to be black lipstick as a part of the collection). I didn’t want the whole collection, the only things that I was interested in were the “Calm Before the Storm” palette, which I bought, as well as the Flash Gloss, which is currently sold out. But there were also a lot of other products released in this collection, including two eyeshadow palettes, a highlighting palette, lipsticks, gloss, eye glitter, eye liner, and individual highlighters.


Some of Kylie’s products have had really positive reviews while other products have had negative reviews so you might want to look up reviews before buying if you are interested.

The only other thing that I am interested in possibly is there have been three new palettes added to the Mac Girls collection, which look a lot more pigmented than the previous palettes in this collection. The three new palettes are called “Classic Cutie,” “Risk Taker,” and “Qween Supreme.” I will probably wait for reviews on these palettes before buying because overall they do look like they are of improved quality than the last palettes in this collection, but I just want to make sure I am getting something worth the money, and the last palette I got from this collection I felt was definitely not worth the money in my opinion. So hopefully they have changed the formula and quality for their newest releases.

Love the packaging




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