Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I want to first mention that I would be careful using this product if you are currently having problems with acne or sensitive skin. I used to have breakouts and this product aggravated it. In addition, I have read online that it contains some citric ingredients that may be irritating to sensitive skin. Other detriments to this product, are that it claims to be fragrance free but contains fragrances and that it also contains blue dye. Once I took care of my breakouts, I personally found myself really liking this product.  According to the company it is a retinol that “boosts the look and feel of skin plumpness, while improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores.” I personally would have to agree with all of these statements. It is meant to be used at night because if you go out in the daytime while using this product, the sunlight could harm your skin. However, 1 oz is $105.00, and I cannot justify the cost especially with products on the market that costs way less. So my overall opinion, is that this product is good, but a little overhyped and possibly not worth the money. I might try this product again, but first I want to try other skincare brands, such as The Ordinary, which is much cheaper, and see how they compare. If you want to try this for yourself without paying the full price, sometimes Sephora offers variety packages that will include this product, or you might be able to pick one up as a sample.



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