Applying Blush

When wearing blush it is best to choose one that flatters your particular skin tone. For example, light pink or peach may be flattering for people with fair to medium skin tones, while deeper and bolder shades may be better for people with darker skin tones, such as a deep red color. Cream blushes may be better for dry skin, while powdered blushes may be better for oilier skin. Shimmery blushes may not be best for people with texturized skin because it can make skin look more texturized.

Placing blush too low on the face may make your face look older and less sculpted, and different ways of applying blush may be more appealing on different face shapes. For example, a person with a square face may want to put their blush directly on the apples of the cheeks to make it look less angular, and a round face may want to apply from the cheekbones and upwards to give a slimming effect. It is important to apply the right amount of product; you want to give your face a vibrant and awake look. Of course you can apply makeup however you want to, but these are just some tips and tricks.


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