How to Choose and Use a Setting Powder

Setting powders can be loose or pressed. A loose powder has finer particles and tends to be less cakey, while a pressed powder can be used throughout the day for quick touch ups.  Pressed powder may be also good for those who use minimal makeup. Use a translucent setting powder if you just want to minimize oil and not change the color tone of your skin. If you want to correct your skin tone and brighten your face, go for a colored setting powder. Make sure before applying setting powder, that your foundation and concealer are blended out well, and it is best to apply the setting powder when the foundation and concealer aren’t completely dried down. To bake, let the powder sit for several minutes. If you want a more full coverage look, apply loose setting powder with a beauty sponge. A powder puff is better for people with more oily skin, and simply applying the powder with a brush can give a more glowy look. Setting powders that contain talc are better for oily skin, and powders with hyaluronic acid are better for people with dry skin. Powders with silica are good for people with normal to dry skin.


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