Activated Charcoal for Teeth and Skin

Activated charcoal can be used to whiten teeth. I personally mixed activated charcoal powder with a little bit of water and brushed my teeth with it, and my teeth were really white afterwards. Activated charcoal can also be used to help unclog pores and clear up acne. This is apparently because of its electric charge that causes it to absorb “toxins.” The most common at-home mask recipe that I have seen online is to use some aloe vera gel and mix it with activated charcoal, but I just used a little bit of water and activated charcoal on my face and left it on for 10 minutes and that worked as well. Although it can be taken as a supplement to “detox,” I personally do not do this because I think that it could also absorb nutrients in your digestive tract. So I only use it for a face mask and as a teeth whitener. I used to use a soap bar a while ago by the brand Herbivore called “Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar” which contains activated charcoal, and this was one of the few products that kept my skin really clear.


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