My Top Eyeliner

I have tried a lot of eyeliners and my favorite, one right now is the Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner Pen. I like it because it isn’t streaky, and it is very pigmented. If I want to make sure that my eyeliner looks perfect, I go for this product, and use a piece of tape right next to where I want my wing to be. Another eyeliner that I have tried in store but haven’t bought yet, is the Lancome Precision Point Eyeliner. I applied this on my hand, and it was very pigmented and like the name says, precise, but at the store they were out of stock, so I haven’t had a chance to buy it yet. The Clinique eyeliner retails for $21.50, while the Lancome eyeliner retails for $30.50. A good drugstore brand for liquid eyeliners is NYX in my opinion. I have several of their vivid brights eyeliners and they work very well for me, and the black liquid eyeliner from NYX also seems to have a good rating at Ulta. One brand that I will probably not buy eyeliner from again is Too Faced, because their eyeliners dry out way too fast, and they are streaky, so in my opinion, these are a complete waste of money.


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