How to Improve Blood Circulation

You can improve your blood circulation by cutting down on saturated fats and salt and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. Increase your water intake and make sure to get up and move throughout the day. Some herbs, spices, and supplements that help improve blood flow are: green tea, gingko biloba, bilberry, cayenne pepper, black pepper, tumeric, garlic, ginger, horse chestnut, hawthorn, rutin, l-arginine, and niacin. Cayenne pepper and gingko biloba seem to be the two best items to take to improve blood circulation. Always be careful when taking supplements, especially if you are on any medication. In addition, eating more tomatoes, which contain lycopene, as well as nuts and seeds, can help improve blood flow. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and avoiding too much stress will also help. Alternating your shower water from hot to cold can also get your blood moving, and finally using a dry brush regularly is beneficial. Some signs of poor circulation are: hair loss, fatigue, dry skin, numb or cold hands and toes, varicose veins, dark eye circles, vision problems, shortness of breath, among other things.


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