How I Do My Make Up and Skincare Shopping Now

These days I am more on a budget than when I was before, and so I want to make sure that when I am buying a product that I am not buying something that I will end up not using. One thing I don’t really do anymore personally is listen on “beauty gurus” on the internet that get paid to push products. I learned this from experience; I once bought a $90 dollar hair styler that did not work at all, and it was recommend by a pretty famous YouTuber. Instead, what I usually do is when I am shopping at beauty retailers online, I type in what I want, for example, I might type in the word “foundation,” and then I filter my results so that the results go from highest rated to lowest rated. Then I next check to see how many people have ranked the product. I would rather buy a product that was ranked highly by a lot of people over a product that was ranked highly by a just few people. If something in new on the market, I generally wait until the product has been given enough reviews to decide whether or not I will buy it.


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