A Holy Grail Skincare Product for Me

The PMD  Personal Microderm PRO is a device that allows you to do microdermabrasion inside your own home. It removes the top layer of your skin helping to prevent acne, get rid of scaring and hyperpigmentation, exfoliate, and help repair texturized skin. I personally noticed a huge difference in my skin when using this, and I definitely saw a lot of dead skin come off. You can replace the top part of the device with different discs depending on how much you want to exfoliate your skin. I would not recommend using this everyday because it does exfoliate so much skin; you don’t want to overexfoliate. I would also be careful to stay away from the eye area. I also believe there is a disc you can use to exfoliate the rest of your body, but I have not tried this out yet. Overall, I have seen a tremendous decrease in breakouts, texturized skin, and I can see the pores in my skin have diminished. My skin is also more radiant. This product could help you save money if you regularly do microdermabrasion, which can cost a lot of money to get done professionally. The price of this product is between $160 to $200 depending on which package you get, and can be found at both Ulta and Sephora.



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