PMD Kiss Lip Plumper Review

This product is supposed to make your lips look bigger by using a “pulsating vacuum” as well as a lip plumping serum that you are supposed to put on before using the actual device. This product definitely made my lips look significantly bigger in just two minutes. It can also be a little painful to use, but in my opinion if you are considering lip injections, this product might be a good alternative for you. The company claims that using this regularly will help build collagen in your lips, in part because of the increased blood flow to your lips. If you want to use this product, I would not recommend using in more than a few minutes once a day because otherwise you might feel soreness later on. So overall, I do like this product, and I think it could be a great alternative for people considering lip injections. The total price is $139.00, but the product in theory should last quite a long time. I will probably write a blog later on about more natural ways to make your lips more plumper as well.



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