My Favorite Products from Benefit Cosmetics

My favorite products from Benefit Cosmetics are the Hoola Matte Bronzer, the Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter, and the Galifornia Blush. I like all of these products because I think they are more easily blendable than other a lot of similar products on the market. The Dandelion Highlighter is a nude highlighter which I prefer more of these days. This highlighter can give you more of a natural and professional look. To me, green or purple highlighters are fun, but I would never wear something like this when I am going to work. The Galifornia Blush is also more natural looking than a lot of other blushes and is easy to diffuse. The Matte Bronzer has such a thin brush inside; I use it to contour my face, and I think that it gives a more sculpted look without being blotchy. When I use the Matte Bronzer however, I usually use two brushes. I use the brush inside of the box to apply the bronzer, and then I use another brush to diffuse the bronzer. I personally would like to collect all of the other Benefit Cosmetics blushes because I like their powdered products so much. Most of their other products however, don’t interest me that much personally. Their blushes and bronzers come in mini sizes which are $15.00 each.


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