Castor Oil- A Cheap Beauty Alternative

This is one of the best products in my opinion to help grow out your eyelashes and thicken your eyebrow hairs. It is also very cheap. I have personally bought lash and eyebrow serums that cost between 50 to 90 dollars that run out fast. So instead, I tried castor oil as you can buy it in a very large quantity for a cheap price. I personally believe using castor oil daily helped to thicken my eyelashes and eyebrows more than the fancy serums I bought in the beauty stores. I also use castor oil as a lip balm, to strengthen my nails, and to strengthen and grow my hair faster. A little castor oil will make your hair smooth and shiny. I only use a small amount of this on my hair at a time though because the oil is very thick and can make your hair greasy. It can also be used as a body moisturizer but again, I do not personally use it for this because it can be very greasy.


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