Laura Geller Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Review

I never thought that my favorite highlighter would come from a brand that I used to believe to be for older women, but Laura Geller’s Diamond Dust is pretty much my daily go to highlighter these days. It is a white iridescent highlighter with pink and violet undertones, and my camera can’t even pick up how beautiful this highlighter is. It applies smooth like cream and is extremely vibrant, and is even better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, in my opinion. For me, this is the best highlighter to make my nose look slim. I just put a very thin line on down my nose of this highlighter and it makes a very big difference. In addition, because the highlighter is so vibrant, it really enhance my cheekbones making my face appear slimmer. The price is $26.00. I would most likely recommend the powdered highlighter over the stick highlighter, as I have tried a stick highlighter from Laura Geller before and personally did not like it. Also this is not a subtle highlighter, so it probably would not be the best for a natural makeup look.

diamond dust


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