Tarte Unicorn Brushes Review

A couple of months ago, Tarte launched its Unicorn Makeup collection. I have tried some of its products and liked them fairly well. From that collection I bought the Tarte Unicorn brush set, which contains five brushes: powder brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush, and two eyeshadow brushes, one for blending and one for packing on eyeshadows. The brushes are very soft and are a lot lighter than most other brushes and seems to be made from plastic. The hairs are synthetic and are vegan and cruelty free, as is the entire brand, which certainly is a plus. The foundation brush did not seem very dense so I did not think it was very good for applying foundation. However, I thought the rest of the brushes were good other than the fact that they were very lightweight. The only other thing about the brushes was that I found it hard to clean out the makeup stains from the brushes. Other than that, I liked these brushes a lot, I thought they were very cute. I loved the bright colors, and the fact that the handle was shaped like a unicorn horn. The product cannot be found on the Tarte website, but can still be found on eBay.


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