Noni Glow Face Oil Review

I recently got a new sample of a relatively new product from Sephora called the Noni Face Glow Oil from Kora Organics. The company was founded by Miranda Kerr, who is famous for being a Victoria’s Secret model. One can certainly admire this woman’s hard work ethic. The product contains 30mL for a total of $68. I did notice immediately after using it that I definitely had a nice glow to my face, which I really liked, and the fine lines on my forehead did diminish quite a bit. It did not break me out. The ingredients are said to be all natural and cruelty free.  I thought that it was a really nice face oil, the only major downside is the price point. This is probably because it has Miranda Kerr’s name on it, meaning that more people are willing to buy it at a higher price. The major ingredients in it are rosehip oil, noni fruit extract, pomegranate oil, and sea buckthorn oil, all of which you can buy larger amounts online at a cheaper price. However, to be fair, the product does have a wide variety of other minor ingredients which might make a significant difference.  I might be interested in buying this product again, but maybe first I will try my own homemade face oil from these four major ingredients and see how it compares. In addition, I have tried a few skincare products from Pixie, and I have really liked their products so far; they are really cheap. So I wonder how their face oils compare to this one.


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