MoroccanOil Treatment Review


The MoroccanOil Treatment is a hair oil made with primarily argan oil that you can put in your hair either damp or dry. This is personally one of my favorite hair oils. As per its primary website,, it states that it will give you the “silky, shiny, and healthy hair that you’ve always wanted.” I completely agree with this. It makes your hair very soft, and the hair absorbs the oil really well without feeling greasy or weighed down. It is great for dry hair and cuts down on frizz. There are only two downsides to this product in my opinion. One is the price. For 3.4 fl/oz it is 44 dollars. To me this seems quite expensive. In addition, the bottle spills quite easily; I would prefer that they have a spray pump or something else on top of the bottle to prevent spilling. Overall, these two things would not stop me from buying this product again, and I look forward to trying out more products from the MoroccanOil brand.


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