GrandeLash Review

I personally liked the GrandeLash serum very much. I have tried another lash serum; both made my eyelashes bigger and thicker, but GrandeLash did a better job, and the results were instant. The price is roughly 60 dollars for 2mL but to me it is worth the price, especially since some false eyelashes cost 30 dollars. Why not instead just invest in naturally long lashes? GrandeLashes was created by a company called Grande Cosmetics. I recently visited their website and they look like a very exciting and promising company. Among the things that they are currently selling are: a lip plumping serum, hair growth serum, a laser hair brush that supposedly promotes hair growth, eyebrow serum, and quite a few other items. I look forward to trying out more of their items and would buy their GrandeLash serum again.


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